About Endurance Collective

Welcome to Endurance Collective!

Hi, so nice to meet you...

My name is Noa. I am a small business owner working as a bike fitter, endurance coach and sport nutritionist. I ride bikes, travel as much as I can, take photos (often while riding) and drink too much coffee. Vancouver, BC is home, which I absolutely love for its great endurance community, fantastic coffee, great food and the unbeatable ocean & mountains combination.

I have an extensive background in endurance sports as an athlete and coach / bike fitter and you can read all about it on my website.

This publication, Endurance Collective, is where I share my thoughts and knowledge on 4 main topics, which are a part of my day to day work:

  • Women in cycling
  • Bike Fitting
  • Coaching & Training
  • Sports Nutrition & Recipes

My aim is to publish a post on a different topic regularly and I hope that you will find each post educational, informative, easy to follow and maybe somewhat entertaining, too. From time to time, I will also share some stories from rides I have done while traveling and there is also regular 'ask me anything' posts (a paid subscriber perk).

I am so glad you are here!


I originally started this publication on Substack, in May 2022. In January 2024, I moved all the posts to this platform due to some challenges that keep coming up with Substack as a platform (ethical and technical). As a result, I wanted to use an open source platform that has more flexibility to it.

I am not leaving Substack yet, as there are still things I like and appreciate about it as a platform. For the time being - You, the reader, have the choice of where to read what I share with you - Either here or on Substack.

Eventually, all paid subscriptions (due to logistical challenges) will be handled by this platform. Otherwise, all posts will be shared here first, and then an excerpt with a link to the full article will be shared on Substack.

I have been asked why there is a paywall for some of the articles on this publication. I feel like the paywall in important as it is what actually makes me show up regularly with a new, in depth, well researched and actionable article - Each article can take days, not hours, of research and writing (scientific papers + drawing on 25+ years of professional experience).

The thing is, it also makes you a consumer, not a commodity, which I think is super important. There are no ads, no promotions, no selling you anything, no affiliate links and no outside influence. Just content that I try to keep interesting and valuable.

I really appreciate you being here, as a free or paid subscriber. If you hit a paywall on an article, you can get a 7 day trial and see if $6/month or $60/year (usd) is worth it or not. I really hope you will think it is 🤗. That said, I also have a bi-weekly newsletter with curation of all the endurance things I find interesting. Think of it as your quick endurance hit. You can read about the difference between this publication and the newsletter here.