Bridge Surveyor + No22 Drifter

Bike of the week - First edition! Bridge Surveyor and No22 Drifter.

By Noa Deutsch 3 min read
Bridge Surveyor + No22 Drifter

Introducing - ‘bike of the week’! I get to work on a lot of bikes, most of them pretty awesome. From time to time I would take a phone photo, but a lot of times, I would think... 'Darn, I wish I had my camera'. I have plenty of camera gear, so at the beginning of January, I took one of my cameras and a couple of basic lenses to the office so I can take photos of bikes.

I’m super excited to show you some of the awesome bikes I have the privilege of working on.⁠ ⁠For the most part, the bikes people bring to my studio are their pride and joy, no matter how much they cost or how experienced they are as riders, etc. I believe in showcasing all types of bikes, not just the superbikes, because everyone should do bikes differently, in a way that they enjoy, riding a bike that fits their riding goals, personality, and budget. It can be a $25K bike, or a $500 bike, it does not matter and I want to highlight it all. ⁠

That said, the first two bikes I will be highlighting are definitely not budget bikes (understatement). I’ll make week one an exception and post both bikes at the same time because they came to my studio together, and belong to someone I have worked with a lot over the years in various capacities (that might be another understatement). ⁠ ⁠

Let’s start with this Bridge Surveyor. This brand is all about innovation, handcrafting carbon frames in Toronto. The build is pretty unique and the frame itself is custom (ish). It includes:⁠ ⁠

  • Shimano DuraAce di2 12spd⁠
  • SRM power meter with carbon Ti chainrings⁠
  • THM seatpost⁠
  • Deda Alanera stem/bar⁠
  • Selle Italia Boost Superflow 3D⁠
  • Lightweight Fernweg wheels, paired with 33 tires⁠
  • Shimano XTR pedals

The Surveyor's friend is a No22 Drifter, in a custom geometry... The number of titanium bikes I see is on the rise and I’m here for it! The build is 🔥 and includes: ⁠

  • Campagnolo super record wireless (not a lot of those around)
  • THM stem and handlebars
  • Selle Italia Boost Superflow 3D⁠
  • Bora wheels, paired with Pirelli tires
  • Shimano Ultegra pedals

Next bike of the week is coming next Wednesday (and every Wednesday moving forward)… hint - it’s one of my favorite alloy frames!

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