Cycling in Morocco - Part II

My adventures cycling (and toutisting) in Morocco October 2022. Part II of II.

By Noa Deutsch 2 min read
Cycling in Morocco - Part II

In the middle of October 2022, I packed my gravel bike and headed to Morocco for a little cycling trip around the Atlas mountains and a bit of exploring around Marrakesh.

And just like that, we were done riding in the Atlas mountains, Morocco. Five days, 412km, 7715m elevation on mixed surface of road and gravel (this includes a small part on one ride that I did not record properly). I highly recommend you go and ride your bike in Morocco. The views, challenging terrain, hospitality and food are all top notch. I do not recommend riding your bike over there (or anywhere, really) while being as sick as I was though!

Part I included stories and photos around Marrakesh, as well as days one and two of riding. This is part II, including days three, four and five.

I shared some stories, the ride route + links to the rides on Strava along side A LOT of photos on my website. You can check it out by clicking the button below!

I chose to share everything on the website as opposed to here because it is much better for photo viewing. Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions, etc in the comments either here or on my website.

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If you missed last month’s AMA, you can read the post answering the questions below, which will also give you an idea of what questions were asked last month.

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