Little Things Done Consistently

Some thoughts on consistency, the path to achieving goals and little things done over time... Also the Endurance Collective discord server and the 2nd 'bike of the week' feature!

By Noa Deutsch 5 min read
Little Things Done Consistently

Hi 👋, happy Tuesday! A big welcome to all the new faces who joined us since the previous article... I am excited to have you & hope you are taking the time to dive in and go through the growing archives… If are reading this but haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?! Join our community below 👇

It's almost February and it feels like January flew by... Or maybe its just me? 🤔. It is that time of the year where there are two opposite things that seem to happen. Either the excitement of a new year starts to wear off and you lose motivation, or you finally feel ready to get going and tackle all your annual goals. Whish one resonates with how you are feeling right now? I am definitely feeling the latter!

Before we get into the rest of the article, two quick things... 1) The second installment of 'Bike of the Week' has been posted on Instagram over the weekend and here on the publication also. If you missed the first installment, check it out here. The second one is below!

Cannondale CAAD10
Bike of the Week - 2nd Edition. Cannondale CAAD10.

2) below is a note for those of you who are paid subscribers and our new Discord server.

On the Discord Server + A note for paid subscribers

As a follow up from my previous post, I worked on creating a discord channel. I tried various community solutions over the years, and they didn't really go anywhere mostly because they were not convenient for people to log in. I decided to start a Discord channel, because so many people have a Discord account already (in many cases, for group Zwift rides)!

It is a multi use space with some general channels, plus some for local group rides (which is not necessarily applicable for some of you unless you visit Vancouver), some for other fun things like meal ideas and bike travel stories and of course are a few channels dedicated to this publication, all of which location independent.

At this point, there are two channels specifically for this publication:

  1. A 'latest article' channel where a link to the latest post is automatically shared. This channel is open to everyone in the server and to all Endurance Collective subscribers
  2. A private channel for paid subscribers of this publication. The purpose of this channel is to ask questions for the 'Ask Me Anything' monthly feature, as it can only be a successful feature with more questions coming in! Note that once you join the server, you will not be able to see this channel until I manually add you.

Focus On the Path

It seems like common sense, right? But its easy to forget about that and focus on the end result alone, especially if the end goal is a big one, and maybe one that scares you a bit.

For the most part, events, long sunny rides, etc are still a few months away (unless you are reading this from the Southern Hemisphere) and I think it is a good time of the year for a few reminders:

  1. There will be up and downs. Progress is never linear
  2. Improvements and breakthroughs are rarely sudden
  3. It's okay to be average. Aim to improve at being average and it will lead to being great
  4. What makes you better? The outcome of the process? Chase the start line, not the end result, and see how it feels when you cross the finish line....

Lets dive into these in more detail.

There will be ups and downs. Progress is never linear and if you get extra frustrated by those ups and downs, you need to find ways to normalize and brush it off. It can be through meditation (or just a few deep breaths), through recording how you are responding to this (ideally in your training journal so its in one place and correlates to your training sessions) or any other way that works for you.

Improvement is rarely sudden. I have had people comment to me before about how someone they know got so much better all of a sudden. Or maybe they noticed their own improvement suddenly, as if a switch just went off...

I hate to break it to you - There is no magic switch that just goes off all of a sudden.

If you look under the surface, it wasn't sudden at all. It was a compounded effect of taking small (even tiny) steps consistently over time... Even if the pattern sometimes felt like two steps forward and one step back. Even if it felt like there was no progress at all for a while. As long as there is consistency and the ability to ride the up and down waves, there will be compounded improvements. Breakthrough is simply something that feels sudden, but actually happens over a long period of time leading up to it.

Average is okay. Bad days and average days happen... It's okay. Realistically, over time, you'll have substantially more average days than good days, so you better get used to it. Of course, how you handle your average and bad days is more impactful than how you handle your good days.

What makes you better, the outcome or the process? Do your goals make you better? Or does the process to achieve your goals make you better? Think about the time it takes to train to achieve your goals as opposed to the time it takes you to achieve them on event day... Even the longest endurance events take less time to complete compared with the time you spent getting to the start line. I invite you to try something different this year. Chase the start line, not the end result, and see how it feels when you cross the finish line...

Little things done consistently over long periods of time become big things... Show up, keep at it and have fun riding the up & down waves.

I hope you found this article valuable and interesting. The goal here was to give you a bit of food for thought and I hope I achieved that. I would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment below and share this post with others!