The main reason I do not want to completely leave the Substack platform is because of all the great writers that use it. Below is a list of publications I follow, along side a few that use other publishing platforms.

Beyond the Peloton - Spencer Martin writes a pro cycling analysis newsletter. It is detailed and insightful and I highly recommend a paid subscription. Subscribe HERE.

Women's Cycling Weekly - As the title suggests, Amy Jones does a fantastic job highlighting everything to do with women's cycling. Subscribe HERE.

New Personal Best - Sports Nutrition by Denis Faye. Subscribe HERE.

Riding with - By Jonathan Kaplan. Well written interviews with various cyclists and general writings about pro cycling and media. Subscribe HERE.

Cxhairs - All about 'cross! Subscribe HERE.

Derailleur - Telling unique stories from professional cycling. Subscribe HERE.

Fiona Majendie - I have worked with Fiona from the start of her cycling journey in 2020, fitting every bike she has ridden (there have been a lot of them). She shares her path to qualifying for the Paris and/or LA Olympic games (Track cycling, representing Canada). Subscribe HERE.

The Amity Villager - Amity is not only a talented cycling, but she also has a way with words. Subscribe HERE.

Escape Collective - Everything cycling. And I do mean everything... (from the minds originally behind cycling Tips, before the sale to Outside). Join HERE.